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It’s all about investing in quality pieces for An Trieu of Style & Senses blog. She likes to mix basics with high-end brands for her enviable looks. We caught up with the Seattle based fashion blogger to talk through her personal style, inspiration, favourite Newgate pieces and her all-important fashion advice.

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An Trieu is the face behind fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blog Style & Senses. Based in Seattle, Washington, An Trieu started the blog as a way to share her love for fashion and design, incorporating beautiful photographs and her passion for writing. Besides blogging, An Trieu is a brand consultant, stylist and has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

We asked An Trieu to share her top blogging tips, fashion advice and her favourite Instagram accounts to follow. Read the full interview below;



How would you describe your style?


My style is minimal, tailored, and very versatile. I am all about looking chic on-the-go, so most of the time you will see me in practical and comfortable clothing. I wear a lot of quality basics, solid colours, and long classic silhouettes. I tend not to over accessorize my outfits, but I do like to invest in designer brands that will last. I think handbags, shoes and jewellery are absolutely worth the money because they really complete a look and take it to the next level. Lately, I have been into technical apparel too. I like clothes that are made from innovative materials that I can wear in the city, as well as, to go exploring in nature with.



Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?


I always get excited at the start of each season to try new styles. My job (as a fashion blogger), gives me an excuse to shop a lot, mostly to try out new brands and trends. I like to build my looks based on mixing new pieces with old pieces that I already have in my closet. That is why strong staples and basics are key to my wardrobe. Most of the time, I dress depending on the mood and whatever I feel that day. I also look what the weather will be like, where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing and dress accordingly. Instagram is a great place for outfit inspiration and finding new brands.


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What fashion trends are you loving right now?


Fall is my favourite fashion season. I love the longer silhouettes, layers and the warmer colour palette, such as: camel, brown, deep red. My favourite looks are turtlenecks and cozy sweaters layered underneath coats and jackets. I wouldn’t say I’m an avid follower of trends, I like to look at the what’s new and find alternatives. Thinking about what will suit me and work practically for my everyday life.



Which is your favourite Newgate Clock and Watch?


I love oversized interior accessories with a modern design, so Mr Clarke, the large Scandi wall clock, is my absolute favourite. The Drumline minimalist leather watch is similar in design to Mr Clarke, so I love that style too.



What would you consider your biggest fashion mistake?


I used to buy clothes, shoes, and jewellery just because they were on sale. I hardly wore any of it or they wouldn’t last, especially jewellery. Now I’m a lot better at being strict on myself and only buying things that I really like and want. Since I moved to the west coast, I’ve learnt to be a lot more environmentally conscious. I recycle and reuse many of my household and personal items. Now, I tend to buy less and invest more in quality and genuine pieces.


An Trieu Orange skirt and Atom


What is your proudest achievement to date?


Launching the Style & Senses blog! After so many years of contemplating and inconsistent blogging attempts, I decided to make blogging my full-time job about a year ago. A lot has changed ever over the years. Blogging and posting content everyday requires hard work and determination. It’s tiring but very rewarding. Blogging has also allowed me to explore my creative abilities and opened doors for many exciting opportunities that I never thought I would get the chance to do.  Just this year, I picked up a consulting job for a local jewellery brand. I get to work closely with the owner and understand the amount of work that goes into running a business. 



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Are there any other Instagram accounts or bloggers that you're inspired by?


My favourite Instagram account has got to be @c__l__o . It’s a research based British online mood board, run by Lauren Faye. A lot of my favourite bloggers are from the U.K actually. I really like British style!  Lucy Williams from FashionMeNow, Lizzy Hadfield from ShotFromTheStreet, Emma Hill from ejstyle. US bloggers that I have been following for years and love are Rachel Nguyen from thatschic, Aimee Song from SongofStyle and Chriselle Lim from theChriselleFactor.


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What is the ONE piece of fashion advice you would give to others?


I wish more people would be conscious about brands and do more research before making a purchase. You should invest in brands that are environmentally conscious and make quality products with good intentions.


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