Clocks Go Forward: New-In Clocks to Celebrate the Arrival of British Summer Time

It’s official, Spring is finally here! Bring on lighter, longer, warmer days…
If you’re like us, you’ll be fully preparing for a much-needed Spring clean and refresh after a Winter of bad weather that seemed to go on forever (Storm Eunice, we’re looking at you!). Yes, the clocks moving forward does mean we lose one hour of sleep, BUT we’ve put together our top 5 new-in clock styles to make up for the lost hour and ensure you’re not late for the next day.


The Monopoly

Creating a natural look in your home remains one of the most popular interior trends of 2022. The new Monopoly wall clock is made from real wood and features colourful hands, available in 4 different colours. This stylish, modern wall clock is the perfect timepiece to compliment and tie in with any natural décor elements within your home.


The Amp Mantel

Looking for the perfect item to jazz up your mantelpiece or shelves? Then look no further than the  Amp mantel clock. This bold, square-shaped station style clock really packs a style punch! Featuring a bold marker dial and colourful hands that are available in 3 different colours, the Amp also features a silent-sweep movement so you won’t hear any ticking, but you may hear a quiet whirring.

The Number Three Londonetti x NEWGATE Wall Clock

A collaboration of Newgate and Londonetti watches, brings together our modern black Number Three wall clock with Londonetti’s detailed watch illustration. The Londonetti x NEWGATE Number Three is available in 5 different illustrations including Londonetti's signature Eye illustration and bestselling Bee illustration.

The Number One Italian Wall Clock

We’ve shrunk our oversized Italian Number One wall clock down to create the new Italian Number Three clock. Available in 2 different colours, the Italian combines contemporary style with a classic roman numeral dial to create a timeless look to suit any interior.

The Centre of The Earth LCD Alarm Clock

Brighten up your workspace with this stylish spherical desk mate. The Centre of the Earth alarm clock is available in orange, white or black and offers a modern yet retro addition to any room.

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