Time Spent With @littlebristolterrace

In our latest 'Time Spent With' series, we caught up with Meg from @littlebristolterrace to discuss latest interior trends, colour inspiration and favourite Newgate products.

@littlebristolterrace dining area

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your Instagram account

I’m Meg, and together with my partner and our cocker spaniel, Gwen, we live in a Victorian terraced house in Bristol. I started an interiors-based Instagram account when we bought the house to both document our décor changes and avoid spamming family and friends with too much house content on my personal account! I’m so glad I did because the account now serves as a diary of the changes we’ve made which I can enjoy too.

How would you describe your interiors style?

I’m always drawn to colour and love to experiment with different tones, prints and patterns in each space. Light plays such a huge part in determining the décor of a room so I try to use colours that will maximise the impact and feel of a space. I’ve incorporated warm pinks, soft blues and neutrals throughout the house to help create a natural balance and flow between each room.  


Where do you find inspiration for your home interiors?

I find décor inspiration everywhere, particularly in nature and in old buildings. The design & architectural features of period property strike me with their elegance, and the internal colour palettes of historic buildings perfectly compliment that beauty. I also love searching Instagram for styling ideas and ways to compliment period features with contemporary décor.   

What interior trends are you loving right now?

I’m loving the use of natural wood and neutral, earthy tones against vibrant colour. As I’ve taken on decorating and DIY projects over the past couple of years, I’ve found a new appreciation for sustainability so working with environmentally friendly materials/products is important to me. There’s something exciting in finding a new home for old tiles, reclaimed wood, vintage furniture, beaten up tin planters, whatever it might be!  

Which is your favourite Newgate World product?

The Mr Edwards Wall Clock is a certified classic for me. It was the décor piece for our kitchen I didn’t know we needed, it’s perfect.  

@littlebristolterrace kitchen

What would you consider as your biggest interior mistake?

Jumping into a project too quickly. Everyone (literally everyone) told me to live in the space for a little while, get a feel for the light & mood of a room or garden before diving in with tools and paintbrushes, and I would 100% recommend this to anyone beginning their home décor or landscaping journey. I’ve re-done rooms because I didn’t have enough patience or truly understand what each space would benefit from. Just because it looks good on Instagram or in a glossy magazine with highly edited images, doesn’t mean it will translate in-person!

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Restoring and painting our staircase, I love it! I ripped up the old carpet and gave the staircase some TLC before painting a pink runner which not only adds character but feels so much like “our” home. Truly though, anything you accomplish by yourself is an achievement. The process can sometimes be a slog, but the end product always sparks joy (and is much kinder to your bank balance!).

@littlebristolterrace staircase

Are there any other Instagram accounts or bloggers that you’re inspired by?

To name a few: @thehouseofhooper, @sistersrenovation, @shnordic, @ck_homestyle, @sproutsurrey, @thesmurfhouse,  @we_are_the_russells, @crack_the_shutters

What is the one piece of interiors advice you would give to others?

Try and do as much of it yourself as you can! If you think you can’t, you actually probably can. I’ve watched more YouTube DIY videos than I care to admit but in the process I’ve learnt new skills, saved a lot of money and feel really proud of the home I’ve created.

It was great chatting to Meg! For more home inspo and ideas check out @littlebristolterrace

Meg has our Mr Edwards wall clock in her stunning home. Shop our full range of kitchen clocks here