Milanese Mesh Watches

A Milanese mesh watch is the ultimate in versatile wristwear; smart enough for the office, dressy enough for the evening, and casual enough to go with any off-duty outfit.


Named after the Italian city of Milan where the finely-woven metal watch strap was first created in the 19th Century, the Milanese watch was honed by watchmakers in Germany in the early 20th Century. 

Newgate’s British-designed Milanese mesh watch straps are crafted from fine strands of stainless-steel, worked through various complex stages of manufacture to produce a fluid and flexible woven-mesh bracelet. Streamlined, lightweight, and easy-to-wear; Milanese mesh is the perfect complement to some of Newgate’s most contemporary and minimal watch designs.



Men's Mesh Watches | Classic Stainless-Steel Watch


Our men’s mesh watches make for a timeless addition to any watch collection, combining modern materials with classic design.

The ultimate in versatility; the silver stainless-steel mesh watch will become your go-to wristwear, designed to complement whatever outfit you throw at it.

4. 550x550 - Circular or square body image 2b

Image credit: @asos_jono


Men's Mesh Watches | Statement Gold Brass Watch

If you’re looking for statement wristwear, then opt for one of our gold mesh watches for men.

Our Drumline watch is inspired by modern architectural shapes, fusing a straight-cut case and minimal marker dial with the fluid lines of a gold-brass Milanese mesh strap.


4. 550x550 - Circular or square body image 6 b


4. 550x550 - Circular or square body image 8


Women's Mesh Watches | Contemporary Square-Cut Watch

To sharpen up an everyday look, you can’t go wrong with the carefully-considered angles of our square mesh watch, the Cubeline.

The contemporary square watch dial creates a boldly minimalist silhouette, offset by the streamlined simplicity of a gold mesh strap.


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Image credits: @prettysickly



Women's Mesh Watches | Modern and Minimalist Watch


Our contemporary women’s mesh watch collection includes the petite-dial Atom watch. Inspired by the resurgence of the Art-Deco era, the Atom collection brings the classic cocktail watch bang-up-to-date with minimalist styling and a contemporary feminine edge.

Opt for silver stainless-steel, gold or a rose-gold mesh to incorporate your favourite metal into your accessory wardrobe with our Milanese mesh watches for women. 

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Feeling inspired to swap your classic leather watch for a contemporary mesh watch? Then be sure to check out Newgate’s full collection of men’s mesh strap watches and women’s Milanese mesh timepieces.