Trend Alert: Dopamine Dressing

“ Let’s face it, life can be dull; you might as well have a little fun with colour”
-Iris Apfel
Forget dress to impress, this year is all about dressing for YOUR happiness.
Introducing: Dopamine Dressing. That’s right! Dressing with the intention of improving your mood has become one of the biggest trends of 2022.  Gone are the days of mute grey and black outfits as colourful, vibrant styles have exploded onto the fashion radar. With Pantone announcing their colour of the year as ‘Very Peri’, other colours such as hot pink, electric blue and canary yellow have also taken centre stage.
However, this trend isn’t just reserved for fashion, but interiors are embracing this trend too. This celebration of bold and bright is now extending into our homes as we move away from neutral palettes and find joy in injecting fun, uplifting colours into our homes.
Here at Newgate, we LOVE colour! That’s why we are fully jumping onto the 'Dopamine Dressing' bandwagon - we may even have an accessory or two for you to include into your mood-boosting homes and wardrobes.  


Feast your eyes on Very Peri. Thanks to Pantone and the latest series of Bridgerton, this unique, warm purple-blue shade has become an increasingly popular choice. Said to either generate a sense of calm or create an energetic feeling, Very Peri will introduce a playful freshness into your style. If you’re tempted with this colour but aren’t ready to go all out, try the Newgate G6S Solitaire or G6S Domino watches for a subtle pop of colour.

Newgate G6S Solitaire and Domino Watches


A shade that’s as tough as it is sweet, Hot Pink is the colour that keeps getting brighter and brighter.  According to colour psychology, pink is a positive colour that represents compassion and love. In fashion and interiors, Hot Pink is said to evoke feelings of high energy, confidence, comfort and vibrancy. Add a dash of pink to your interior and browse our pink clocks collection including the coordinating pink Echo Alarm, Echo M Mantel and Echo Wall Clock. For the wardrobe, try the Londonetti Blossom Watch or pink glasses collection from London Mole.   

Newgate Collection of Pink Products


Energizing, bold and powerful, Electric Blue is another colour protagonist favoured for re-introducing energy back into our fashion and interior style. Commonly associated with feelings of peacefulness and tranquility, this vivid shade, despite its intensity, is considered a sensible and reliable choice in creating a style statement whilst remaining significantly on trend. Looking to try some blue accessories? Discover our blue clocks collection for your home or try some blue eyewear from London Mole or the Cowboy watch from Londonetti to revitalise your Summer fits.

Newgate Collection of Blue Products


From bringing sunshine shades in doors to creating a sunny disposition in our wardrobes,  yellow is having a moment. Arguably the most cheerful of the warm colours, bright yellow shades are linked to feelings of optimism and happiness, making it the perfect colour for promoting positive emotions in your home and everyday style. Incorporate yellow into your wardrobe with bright accessories including the Tricky frames from London Mole or the Londonetti Bee watch. If you’re looking to add a dash of yellow into your home why not try the Ronnie Alarm, Covent Garden Alarm or Londonetti X Newgate Number Three Bee wall clock. 

Newgate Collection of Yellow Products

For more colourful ideas for your wardrobe and interiors, browse our colourful collections from Newgate, Londonetti and London Mole.