Please use this resource to troubleshoot and fix your clock. In most cases, a clock can be fixed at home, by you, without ever having to be returned to Newgate saving you time and money.

Stopped or slow clocks

If your clock is losing time or has stopped, we encourage you to make sure you have used a brand new, high quality branded alkaline battery of the correct type. Never use a rechargeable or lithium battery.

We understand that this may seem too basic, however, we genuinely want to avoid you the unnecessary inconvenience of sending the clock to us for inspection, when most clocks work perfectly fitted with the correct type of battery.

The type, energy level, voltage output, chemical composition and discharge characteristics of a battery may cause your clock to malfunction or stop.

Open the dropdown below to find out more.

Battery info

Disassembly Guides

The vast majority of Newgate clocks have been designed for easy disassembly and repair, it may be possible to carry out basic repairs at home without any specialist tools. In this section you will find disassembly guides for the main construction methods used in our wall and mantel clocks.

We don't currently provide any guides to disassemble alarm clocks. Due to the nature of their manufacture and size, they can prove tricky to repair and should be disassembled at your own risk.

Metal clock disassembly
Plastic clock disassembly - Screw construction
Plastic clock disassembly - Clipped construction
Wooden clock disassembly
My clock isn't constructed like any of these

Clock hand removal and re-alignment

If your clock has been bumped during a move, or the time has been adjusted too vigorously, then you might find your hands have become misaligned or have become loose.

The video in the dropdown below will take you through step by step on how to re-attach and fix your clocks hands at home.

Hand removal and re-alignment

Fixing broken glass

Accidents happen. Clocks can get dropped or bumped and glass lenses can crack.

Fixing broken glass

Newgate Repair Centre

Newgate is pleased to offer a dedicated repairs center for our customers, available for a nominal fee. However, we encourage you to first utilize our comprehensive guides for a more immediate and cost-effective solution, reserving our repair service for more complex needs.

We are also able to provide spare parts such as movements or hands for a select number of our back catalogue of products. These are all subject to availability.

Newgate Repair Centre
How to package your clock for return