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Large Wall Clocks

Large Wall Clocks

A large wall clock will create a statement focal point within your home. Big on style, Newgate's large wall clocks include modern and classic designs.

A large wall clock is a great way to create a focal point within your home. Newgate's oversized wall clock collection includes large, extra-large and giant wall clocks designed to create a big statement in an interior.

Our large clocks are big on style, offering contemporary or classic options. Go large with a modern and minimalist design, give a nod to the past with Newgate's vintage and retro-inspired looks, or make a statement with a traditional larger-than-life station clock.

Designed in our British design studio's, and brimming with Newgate's iconic style, our large clocks have been carefully crafted to create high impact in an interior.

Opt for our bright and colourful Echo wall clock in it's largest 53cm diameter size, or keep things traditional with our oversized Roman numeral wall clock, the Battersby; you'll find a Newgate clock to suit whatever your interior style and however big your budget.

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