Imaginative Interiors

Newgate founders, Jim and Chloe Read, chat to The Times about their interior style.

"If there is a large clock staring down at you from your kitchen wall, the chances are it was made by Jim and Chloe Read. It might feature the clean lines and thick black rim of a Fifties-style Electric Company clock or the ornate hands of a Victorian department store clock, but it probably began life in the Reads’ imagination. They are the chief designers at Newgate Clocks, the company they founded in 1991 and which launched a thousand interior decor schemes where a bold statement timepiece takes centre stage."


"Inspired by the mid-century furniture they favour, some of their own clock designs can be seen about the house. “Its proportions are perfect for the bigger timepieces,” says Read. They certainly chime well with the eclectic melange of proper antiques, contemporary designer collectables, vintage bargains and even leather-bound folios of old editions of The Times, now used as side tables."

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Words: Ruth Corbett  Photography: James Merrell