All-Time Classic

Newgate founders Jim & Chloe Read chatted magpie tendencies, quirky antique finds and swapping minimalism for mid-Century modern in this week's You magazine. Discover more online.

"Once beguiled by all things glossy, minimalist and white, Jim and Chloe now prefer to combine battered antiques, collectable art and jewel-like paint colours with a more recent love of mid-century modern."

Jim and Chloe bedroom image

"As founders of British success story Newgate Clocks, their look at home is as compelling as the quirky design the brand has become synonymous with globally. ‘We both have magpie tendencies,’ says Chloe. ‘Growing up with parents in the antiques trade has definitely influenced us.’"

 Jim and Chloe Lounge



"Unsurprisingly a plethora of clocks abound: originals, prototypes and favourites sit alongside travel finds and artworks.
While Jim and Chloe have quickly grown to be one of Britain’s best-known design couples, their self-effacing style and infectious sense of fun has kept them firmly rooted."


Jim and Chloe bathroom image
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Words: Ali Heath, Photography: Joanna Henderson for You magazine