Under Warranty Repairs

We're sorry to hear that you have an issue with your clock, watch or glasses. Let’s try to fix it for you.

First of all, if your clock or watch are losing time or have stopped please make sure you read this information page as it’s highly possible you won’t need to return them. Better to save yourself the extra work if possible.

If you have exhausted our other suggestions and if your clock/watch is within the two year warranty from the date of purchase you should return it to the store you bought it from. If bought directly from Newgate World you can return it free for repair using our DPD store drop service. If we cannot repair your clock we may have to offer you a replacement either of the same model or similar model. We will require your proof of purchase. This repair service is only available in the UK. If you are situated outside of the UK please return your clock to the retailer where it was originally purchased.

Please select one of the options below, or for repairs out of warranty please click here.