Out Of Warranty Repairs

We're really sorry to hear that you have an issue with your clock or watch. Let’s try to fix it for you.

First of all, if your clock is losing time or has stopped please make sure you read this information page as it’s very likely your clock is working and you won’t need to return it. Better to save yourself the extra work if possible. 

If you have exhausted our other suggestions you have one of two options;

Local Repair Shop

You can take your clock to a local clock/watch repair shop. Not all repair shops will be able to repair your clock/watch but many will. It will depend on their expertise, but most clock repair shops will repair movements and hands and replace glass. Some picture framers will replace glass. And most watch repairers will be able to replace your watch batteries.

Using a local repair shop could work out cheaper for you, and you can discuss the clock face to face with the specialist whom will probably be able to assess the issue there and then and advise you how much it will cost to repair if there is a fault.


Return To Newgate For Repair

You may be able to return your clock or watch to us for repair at a minimum cost of £35. Dependent on the type of repair this service can take up to 21 days and beyond in some cases. You will need to pack the clock extremely well.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer repairs on alarm clocks or glasses out of warranty as they are uneconomical to repair should you be unlucky enough for them to fail. Please be aware that it is possible we no longer carry parts of some clocks and watches if they are over five years old, so clocks or watches of this age ‘may’ no longer be serviceable.

The cost of our repair services are £35.00/£45.00/£55.00. Fill in and submit the form below and we can tell you if we can repair your clock and which category and cost it will be. If over email it is not clear if we can repair your clock/watch we may ask that you select the £35 assessment service, send your clock/watch to us, and if we cannot repair it we can return it or dispose of it if you choose that option.

These services involve posting the clock/watch to us in sufficient packaging to ensure no damage during transit and using a signed, tracked and insured shipping service at your cost and risk. Return shipping costs are included in the service fee.

Once the service level of £35.00/£45.00/£55.00 has been agreed we will email you a unique payment link via our website.

When the payment is made the assessment and/or repair will be carried out by one of our technicians and we will return your clock/watch as soon as possible. This part of the service should take up to ten days from the date of payment.