Time Spent with @Sophia Barrese

Newgate has a chat with Sophia Barrese.

A Manchester Fashion/Lifestyle blogger and the girlfriend of Joe Donovan (the drummer from the band Blossoms).

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Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your Instagram account?
My name is Sophia and I'm a blogger from Manchester! I've been blogging now for 6 years, and my Instagram mainly documents my every day personal and interior stye. I try to have a more relaxed feel to my Instagram account, and I don't like it looking to coordinated or curated.  

How would you describe your style (fashion and interiors)? 

I'm hugely influenced by the 1960s/70s and have been since I was very young. I tend to shop mostly vintage for both my wardrobe and my home. My fashion style is super relaxed and whether I'm in jeans or a floral dress I tend to style them down with high tops or a tee. With my interior style I would say warm and inviting is a big priority when decorating a room, I don't like anything to minimal or cold. The 1970s suits my home style perfectly because they used warm, yellowy tones teamed with deep teak furnishings.
Where do you find inspiration for your home interiors and outfits?
All over! I tend to be inspired by music, films, and icons of the 60s and 70s. In terms of personal style some of my biggest influences are George Harrison, Marianne Faithfull, Francoise Hardy and Bob Dylan. When it comes to interior style, I'm a big fan of a Pinterest board and looking at different interpretations of mid-century style. ​

Sophia Barrese
What fashion/ interior trends are you loving right now?

I try not to follow fashion trends too much; I prefer to buy pieces which will go the distance and I will love as much in ten years as I do now. Vintage pieces are generally timeless and real investments in themselves, that said I love how many beautiful prairie dresses there are out there at the moment especially from some incredible independent clothes labels. With interior, I'm loving the bright colours out there at the moment, I feel like everyone went through a real moment of dark charcoals, navys and grays so it's nice to see brightness back. I also love how much wallpaper has made a come back! 
Which is your favourite Newgate World product?
Without a doubt its my Pluto Clock! It's super super 60s and just a great stand out piece. I style it on my wall next to sunburst mirrors and it makes such a statement.

Sophia Barrese - Plutog
What would you consider as your biggest interior/fashion mistake?
Fashion wise, it's impulse buying! I just think it's a sure fire to end up buying pieces you dont 100% love. For interior it's got to be buying furniture before I'd moved into my house. With vintage furnishings it can be difficult because if you spot something you love and wait on it, it might be gone by the time you're ready to buy it, but I think it's really important to live in a space before you start kitting it out.
What is your proudest achievement to date?
My vintage shop which I opened up in July in Lower Hillgate, Stockport. It's been a real dream come true for me and a labour of love.

Sophia Barrese
Are there any other Instagram accounts or bloggers that you’re inspired by?
Oh, so many! I love Charlotte Jacklin's style and her views on sustainability. I'm a long-time lover of Liv Purvis's style and she's just a beautiful person inside and out. I love Heartzeena for how colourful her feed is!
What is the ONE piece of interiors/fashion advice you would give to others?
Think over your purchases whether that's clothes or interiors. Be more considered and logical. I guarantee it will stop you being wasteful, and you'll end up only buying the pieces you actually really love/need/will use... Oh and for vintage furniture shopping, it’s BE PATIENT AND KEEP LOOKING your perfect table/chair/coffee table etc is out there and I promise you don't have to pay over the odds.

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