Time Spent with @londonstylesisters

For this month's Time Spent with series, we chatted to working mums and stylish sisters Sam (brunette) and Gemma (blonde) of @londonstylesisters
With a love of both fashion and interior design, Sam and Gemma started their Instagram account two years ago to share stunning decor and inspirational outfit ideas. Read on to discover the sisters fashion and interior faux-pas' and living sustainable lives.
London Style Sisters influencers outfit inspiration by Newgate
Tell us a bit about yourselves and your Instagram account.
We are two sisters that have always had a love for all things fashion and interiors. We are both working mums, with two children each. We started our Instagram account two years ago for somewhere to be creative and share the things we love. It’s constantly evolving, developing and (hopefully) becoming more interesting to our followers. We try to use the platform to educate people about making responsible purchases and encourage to buy better. Sustainable fashion and living a ‘sustainable’ life is something we are very passionate about.
How would you describe your style? (fashion & Interiors)
I have always had a love for fashion and I’m probably the most trend-led, in both interiors and fashion, out of us both. Although the one thing I have learnt from the whole Instagram journey is; to make better investments in timeless items in your home and wardrobe that you will love forever.
I’m much more into classic purchases, invest well and use years to come. I try not to be trend-led (although some trends I love and will buy if I know I will love it forever!) At home I love colour and vibrancy - each of my rooms has a real different vibe, I’m not a believer in one trend throughout the house. Also, I can’t get enough of plants - I love watching them grow and develop. My house is literally covered in them!
Where do you find inspiration for your home interiors & outfits?
I think for both of us there is a huge amount of inspiration in the places we visit, people we see on the street, different countries we go to - everywhere! Through Instagram we have had the opportunity to visit some amazing venues and hotels which are crammed with interior inspiration. Instagram is also packed full of inspiration - we love finding new accounts we can devour! Another online platform we love is Pinterest - we can lose hours in there.  And finally, good old fashion magazines - our favourites for home are Living Etc and Real Homes and our favourites for fashion and general lifestyle are Red and Grazia.
Round gold clock the Brixton by Newgate
 Are there any fashion/interior trends that you’re loving right now?
At the moment I’m loving neutrals and linen fabrics. Oversized blazers and great accessories are my fail-safes. My favourite trend in interiors right now definitely has to be rattan furniture, for both inside and outside.
I try not to be trend led but as an eco-warrior I am so thrilled to see so much linen around at the moment as it’s far more environmentally friendly to produce than cotton. I’m also partial to a midi length skirt or dress - so I’m delighted that this trend is still so popular! The fact that trainers are so ‘in’ makes me so happy too! I live in flat shoes - due to excessive running around balancing a job in the city, being a mum to two young daughters and being an instagrammer in the evenings!  For my home - it has to be all things gold - I love gold and find it’s becoming easier to purchase things in this colour now. I’ve just bought an amazing tap for my kitchen in gold and I can’t wait to get it installed!
Which is your favourite Newgate clock and watch?
My favourite watch is the G6S Honey – I love it and wear it all the time! I wear a lot of gold jewellery and find this watch compliments everything. My favourite clock is the Mr Edwards, I just love the statement it makes on my wall and it has such a stylish feel to it.
As a long-time fan of Newgate - I purchased my gold kitchen clock (Brixton) from Newgate years ago (told you I like gold!) I’m obsessed with knowing the time, (probably due to the amount of plates I’m always spinning), so I don’t like to look around a room and not know what time it is. Similarly, our small bedside clock, the Charlie Bell in gold, is a firm favourite ... I love that it’s completely silent so never disturbs my sleep!  I love a big chunky watch - so the G6 Vegas watch is perfect for casual daytime styling.
London Style Sisters fashion inspiration G6S Honey watch by Newgate
What would you consider your biggest interior/fashion mistake?
Wow - I’m sure there have been a few mistakes for us both over the years in fashion!! I feel the neon trend is one I should have avoided, and Sam is not keen on the revival of cycling shorts!
Gem's spot on - I hate the cycling shorts trend!! Interior-wise, I made a basic error when investing in lighting recently. I only put 2 hanging lights over my kitchen island, even though I know that odd numbers always work best! I also took a short cut and put them on the easier setting for the switch. It immediately annoyed me, and I couldn’t get them on the setting I wanted. So, I ended up having to pay an electrician / builder again to add another light and re-wire. It ended up costing twice the amount that it would have done if I had just thought about it properly and took my time in deciding first time round!
London Style Sisters influencer q&a by Newgate
What is your proudest achievement to date?
For both of us being working mums, juggling an Instagram account, the children and a job is an achievement in itself!
Absolutely agree with Gemma - it’s not always easy for women to achieve true success but platforms like Instagram have offered so much opportunity for females. My greatest achievement (other than becoming a mummy to my two gorgeous children), was when I made partner in my firm. At the time, I was the only woman offered partnership (and a working mum no less) and was one of the very few people in their 30’s. It took months for the gravity of that to sync in!
 London Style Sisters influencers outfit inspiration by Newgate
Are there any other Instagram accounts or bloggers that you’re inspired by?
So many to choose from!  We both love the timeless and effortless style of @HannahCrosskey.  We love Alex @TheFrugality ’s approach to mixing high end and high street and @theannaedit 's take on a capsule wardrobe.  We also love @Finlay_Fox - a fellow Instagrammer who is trying to use her platform to promote sustainable fashion.
Interior inspo - this is tricky! There are so many we love! We follow both @my_london_home and @andthentheywentwild for their love of all things dark and pink!  Nicky @the_wisos has a great eye for stylish, monochrome design. We also love @gold_is_a_neutral (and obviously very much agree with Jess’s love of gold!) Finally, Sam loves @emilyjanelathan and her bohemian approach to home decor (and being a fellow plant obsessive!)
What is the ONE piece of interiors advice and ONE piece of fashion advice you would give to others?
Don’t rush decisions and stay true to what you love. As for fashion - buy less and buy well. Classic basics are a great way to build a good wardrobe.
Couldn’t agree with Gemma more - great homes and great wardrobes are a collection of treasured items, collected over time. It’s so tempting to rush and bulk by from one shop and recreate their vision. We’re believers in organic, slow development - take your time, be true to yourself and you will end up with a life full of things you love.
Bedroom decor inspiration London Style Sisters influencers by Newgate
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