Time Spent with @eli_at_home

The latest in our 'Time Spent With' series has us catching up with self-confessed shopping addict and professional 'faffer' Elisha Utley. 

Inspiring an audience of over 25,000 with her passion for interiors and her 'slight paint addiction' on her popular instagram account @eli_at_home, we wanted to find out more about Elisha's eclectic style and discover what inspired her to start sharing her decor choices with the world. 

 Brixton Wall Clock

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your Instagram account?

My name is Elisha, I live in Yorkshire with my husband and two girls (and two Pomeranians). I started my Instagram account as I’ve always had a passion for interiors since I was at school and was forever changing my little bedroom around, every day my Mum would come in to a totally different room... now my husband has that joy! I created an interiors account to share pictures of my home as I didn’t want to ‘bore’ my friends with pictures of sofas and bedding. I understand that we all had different interests and didn’t want them to think I was insane! It turned out that I met a whole new circle of friends through my account who have the same interest as me. It’s a lovely community whatever your niche and interests are! And now all my other friends follow me anyway!

@eli_at_home Instagram

How would you describe your style? (fashion & interiors)

My personal style is somewhat eclectic and I love to mix modern and retro together to create an on trend vibe. Having studied art at college I have always been massively creative and love this to show in my home. I also like to be a bit daring in fashion too – life’s too short to not take a risk!


Where do you find inspiration for your home interiors?

I love to read the interior magazines, blogs and I spend a lot of time pretend shopping online (this is where I add things to my basket then switch the computer off and wish I was a millionaire!). But I get most of my inspiration from Instagram where there are so many lovely interior accounts that have great ideas and love to share their creations.

@Eli_at_home Kitchen

What interiors trends are you loving right now?

I am definitely on a colour quest at moment! I am loving all the bright interiors, the bright sofas and I’ve actually just painted my lounge pink! Saying that, I’m also loving the dark moody interiors especially in period properties. I love how people are daring to experiment in their homes at the minute. I am also partial to a gallery wall where you can have loads of fun mixing colours and prints together.


Which is your favourite Newgate clock and watch?

My favourite clock is the Putney wall clock, it’s the first one I ever bought. A lot of things get moved around in my house and it’s a sign that I love something when it has remained the focal point in my kitchen. I don’t own a watch at the moment but I think the Drummer to match the Putney is my favourite, that way you get to look at the lovely clock wherever you are!

@Eli_at_home Daisy's Bedroom

What would you consider your biggest fashion / interiors mistake? (if any)

My biggest interior mistake... there’s probably been a few! But I once painted my chimney breast wall in my kitchen dark green! Oh it looked hideous so I gave it an hour and painted it all back cream (+4 times to cover it ) As for a Fashion mistake – I probably make one of these every day, last week I wore blue dungarees with a red t shirt and looked like super Mario!


What is your proudest achievement to date?

My proudest achievement was when I was asked to appear in an 8 page spread in Homestyle magazine. It was such a great day. I was initially nervous about having my photograph taken, but we ended up dancing to MC Hammer and shopping in TK Maxx at the end of the day! And I met two lovely new friends, the girls from Beautiful Homes in the North who shot my home were lovely.

@Eli_at_home bathoom

Are there any other Instagram accounts or bloggers that you’re inspired by?

There are so many amazing accounts that I follow! A few of my faves are @sophierobinsoninteriors who is an amazing interior designer, @oxfordone who has a very lovely bright house and @kasie_barton, who is the DIY queen! They’re all very inspirational and colourful and everything that I love.


What is the ONE piece of interiors advice you would give to others?

My one piece of advice would be to stick with what you love and not follow trends too much. Go with what makes your heart sing and what is practical for you and your family. A house should also be a home, 90% of the time my house doesn’t look like it does on Instagram!

@Eil_at_home dressing room

Find more of Elisha's inspirational style over at @eli_at_home