Time Spent with Camilla

Newgate has a chat with Amsterdam based artist Camilla Gittins

28-year-old Camilla Gittins: Abstract Artist


Camilla main circular image


Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from…

I’m an abstract artist who lives and works in Amsterdam but I was born and raised on a farm in Mid Wales. I studied Embroidery (BA hons) at Manchester Met, graduating in 2009. I currently work as Creative Concept Designer for Tommy Hilfiger.


How does your art make you feel? What inspires you?

I am influenced by everything around me, my current mood and internal emotions are portrayed through abstract shapes and gestural marks rather than actuality. Noises from the street outside my studio influence sudden brush movements. My love for urban street art in juxtaposition to old architecture and nature are captured from my travels and are displayed around my living space as a constant source of inspiration. Also not to forget, my greatest inspiration of all time, the artist Cy Twombly. My paintings grow and evolve, some faster than others. Each painting takes its own journey and some can be very challenging, either way I welcome the unexpected mistakes and appreciate the accidents, as these are what usually enhance and dictate the direction of each painting.


Camilla blog sitting and painting


Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut? If so, how do you bring yourself out of it?

Yes, as I’m sure all artists do. sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing, go for a long walk and start again with fresh eyes.


Camilla blog with watch


Can you sum up your work in one or two sentences?

My work is characterised by layers of dappled, bold and sometimes bright colours teamed up with areas of negative space along with my signature scribbles, marks and scratches made with a simple graphite pencil, all playing an important role in creating the balance, contemporary aesthetic and composition qualities within each painting.


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Camilla painting


How do you spend the rest of your time?

I love to travel; I make sure I visit at least 3 new cities every year. This year my highlights were New York and Rome and I still have Tel Aviv to come.


Do you have advice for emerging abstract artists?

 "Believe in yourself and love what you do."


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