London Mole

2020 – What a year!! In amongst all the madness, we designed and launched a completely new eyewear brand called London Mole!

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It started with sunnies with coloured lenses. Our boss (Newgate founder and head designer, Jim Read) is colour blind, so he wanted to make sunglasses that ‘coloured in’ his universe. He was already designing and making cool watches and decided it was time to make more fashion accessories so decided sunglasses would be his thing. Sunglasses are great fun to make and be around and a real pleasure to see people wear so we are all made up.


Images by @sara_waiste & @elinorcharlotte


The boss is an artist as well as designer. I know, a colour blind artist. Who also decided he needed reading glasses to be able to see his paintings as he works on them. He went to town on a shopping expedition in search of readers and was shocked by how ordinary they all were. He bought some anyway but really didn’t enjoy wearing them, so he designed some he would love to wear and started making them to.


Images by  @styleandstylus
Images by @styleandstylus


And as we were making sunglasses and readers, why not make blue blockers! They’re for the people that love wearing glasses even when it’s not sunny, have perfect eyesight, and use the phones and computers a lot. Blue blockers block the harmful blue light your screens emit. So not only will you look amazing in our blue blockers, you’ll get that bit of protection, should get less screen fatigued and might get to sleep more easily if you’ve spent the evening on you iPad.


Images by @wonderful_u & @c.tiggy
Images by @wonderful_u  &  @c.tiggy


Oh yeah, and we are British. Everything is designed and warehoused here. Then our pals in Wenzhou manufacture them for us. We drive them mad with our attention to detail, but they love London Mole and really do pull out all the stops so the world can see in glorious technicolour as well as our boss.


Images by @olibrom& @_ellishasummer


Fancy donning some London Mole’s?