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Minimalist Clocks

Minimalist Clocks

Newgate's minimalist clocks fuse modern design and contemporary materials.

Newgate’s minimalist clocks fuse modern design and contemporary materials. Our minimalist wall clocks are designed with clean lines and pared back dials to complement a less-is-more aesthetic.

A minimalist interior scheme is largely based around a white, grey or greige colour palette, with muted tones creating a sense of calm and simplicity. Newgate's white and grey minimalist clocks are designed to complement this monochrome palette, while our minimal black clocks add contrast to a fresh, white minimalist look.

Introducing natural elements can prevent a minimalist interior from feeling sterile. Our minimalist wooden clock collection, the Mr Clarke, uses light and dark plywood to create a modern Scandinavian feel.

In a minimalist interior scheme each home accessory should be thoughtfully considered for function and form. Newgate's wood case minimalist clocks combine simple forms with understated style to form the perfect pared-back accents.

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