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Our minimalist men's watch collection features modern graphic dials and contemporary case shapes.

Less is more when it comes to our men’s minimalist watches. Restrained design elevates this contemporary watch collection to its essential components.

Our minimal men’s watches are designed for the man who doesn’t need to shout to be heard. Cool and self-assured these watches let the design do the talking, with minimal graphic dials housed in straight-cut cases with clean-lined mesh or utilitarian leather and canvas straps.

Form and function are at the heart of our minimalist men’s watch collection, where high performance materials meet understated modern design. Stainless steel or brass-plated dials are carefully polished to showcase radial finishes, whilst tough 316L grade stainless-steel goes through multiple heavy tooling processes to create Newgate’s meticulously straight-cut casing.

If you’re looking for a design-led gift for a man who has an eye for detail, then our minimal men’s watches combine luxury and simplicity to tick all of those boxes.

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