Slow or Stopped Clocks

Essential battery information
9 times out of 10 a clock that has stopped or is losing time is just the battery!
If you buy and use a full strength powerful new alkaline battery in your clock it should operate perfectly.
If you grab a battery from “the back of the kitchen drawer” please consider whether the battery has enough power to drive a larger clock properly. If a clock is losing time or stopping this is nearly always an issue with the battery.
Fact – Quartz movements are simple and very reliable.
Fact – Nearly all slow or stopped clocks are caused by underperforming batteries. 
Fact – Batteries in alarm clocks and small wall clocks will last much longer because they use a lot less power. But weak batteries can still cause issues.
Fact – Batteries in larger clocks use up batteries more quickly as the larger hands require more power because the hands are heavier to turn.
Fact – Batteries in larger clocks need to be full strength.
Fact – A weak battery may operate a small alarm clock/TV remote control/radio/torch, but may cause a large wall clock to stop or lose time.
Fact – We carefully test any returned stopped or slow running clocks that are sent back to Newgate. 9 out of 10 work perfectly with a suitable battery.
Faulty quartz clock movements are actually very uncommon, so before going to the trouble of repacking and returning a clock, because it has stopped or is losing time, please ensure you exhaust the possibility that your battery is just not strong enough. 

If elements of a clock have corroded then the clock has been hung in a place where it has been able to absorb moisture. This could be moisture from an environment with high humidity such as a conservatory/summer room/greenhouse/shed/swimming pool/bathroom/above cooker or appliance/outdoors. In all of these cases, very high temperatures will then accelerate corrosion. Some will withstand moisture and heat better than others, it does depend on the materials used in any particular clock. Our clocks are warranted for domestic and light commercial indoor use only, and should not be used anywhere that they may be damaged by moisture/water/heat, such as conservatories/summer rooms/greenhouses/sheds/swimming pool/bathrooms/above cookers/outdoors. Damage caused by these environments/conditions are obviously not warranted, therefore no exchanges can be made under the warranty, nor can repairs be carried out as the corrosion from some parts have probably already affected and damaged others parts and materials.