SPACE HOTEL We are an intergalactic organisation and clocks are our thing. Time and space in harmony with design and quality. This British owned brand harnesses first class design talent to bring you outstanding glamour. Time is the avatar of our lives and few things rival the preponderance of satisfaction and usefulness of a Space Hotel clock.

OUR MISSION Each and every component from cog to case is engineered with space like precision and care, materials selected for their unique qualities and shapes and colours formed for optimum aesthetic.

HEAD DESIGNER “My clocks are my absolute gems in my home and studio. I carry a phone and wear a watch but in this hectic world we live in I constantly use my clocks to check the time, ensuring I am on track and hitting deadlines. When life is fast paced and your hands are always full, clocks are a must, and a cutting edge design only nourishes your day further” head of design, Space Hotel.