Born from a spare room full of ideas and no room for fabric samples, Shea and husband Syd launched interior design busines Studio McGee in 2014. The design practice has soon grown to become one of the most well-known interior design studios in California.

A long list of clients waiting for an injection of Studio McGee's clean, bright aesthetic led the couple to launch their own online store, McGee & Co, in 2016. The McGee & Co boutique, which now includes a bricks and mortar storefront in Costa Mesa, offers a carefully curated collection of the duo's favourite pieces to help you style your own home - including a selection of Newgate clocks of course!

We caught up with co-founder Shea to discover the full story behind McGee & Co's creative success.

Tell us a bit about yourself


I’m Shea, and with my husband Syd we started our interior design firm Studio McGee and our online decor shop, McGee & Co. I obviously love interiors but more simply, I just like anything that makes life beautiful.


Tell us about your studio/store


Syd and I started Studio McGee five years ago and McGee & Co. naturally grew from it about two years after. The two support each other and we make sure each serves as a place where people can find inspiration as well as quality in design and products. Since then, we’ve opened our own brick and mortar store in Costa Mesa, CA. and we’re hoping to open more in the future!


What inspired you to start your business?


I’ve always been inspired by design, but I never considered myself a creative and ended up getting a degree in Public Relations.  After working at an advertising agency for a few years and feeling like just another warm body, I was really ready to find something I could put my heart into. It was after Syd and I bought and remodelled our first house that I found my deep love of interiors. So, I took a couple semesters at a design school and started decorating friends’ and family’s homes. It was a little scary at first but once I built my confidence, I knew interior design was something I wanted to go far with.



What kind of products do you sell? How would you describe your style?

From lighting, rugs, and furniture, to pillows, clocks and accessories, McGee & Co. is filled with everything to make your home feel both high-end and but also comfortable and collected. In everything we design and put in our shop, we seek for approachable sophistication.


What’s your favourite Newgate product?

We love the Charlie Bell alarm clock - I think we use at least one in every project!

(That’s what we like to hear!)




What advice do you have for other would-be boutique owners?


Don’t put anything in your store you wouldn’t use yourself or gift to someone else! People are attracted to brands and stores that are confident in their offering.



Who or what are you most influenced by?


I will always be inspired by the outdoors. I love taking a bike ride or drive up the canyon with my family to clear my head. You can see that translate to the light and airy feel in our design and products.






It was great catching up Syd and Shea!

If you’re in California, make sure to check out McGee & Co's new store in Costa Mesa, or discover their signature style online at www.mcgeeandco.com.