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Wall clocks for modern & minimalist interiors. Images left to right: Mini Show, Mayne Marketing, Fantastic Frank

A minimalist interior is most-often anchored by a backdrop of neutrals. White, grey and all tones of beige - from off-white to biscuit - create a blank canvas of calm and simplicity. The key to adding interest to this monochrome palette is in layering texture and interest through carefully considered furniture and home accessories.

Offering function and form, our modern clocks and minimalist clock collections deliver the essence of the William Morris maxim now appropriated by contemporary minimalists; “Have nothing in your home you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.

Minimalist Clock | Natural Wood

Introducing natural wood elements will bring an organic feel to a minimalist interior and prevent a monochrome space from feeling sterile.  

The Scandinavian-feel of Newgate’s pale plywood ‘Mr Clarke’ collection plays perfectly against muted minimalist tones.

This minimalist wall clock is crafted with a shaped plywood case and minimal graphic marker dial behind a flat glass lens, epitomising the less-is-more aesthetic. 

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World - Plywood Wall Clock

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World Blog - Image Amber Interiors

A relaxed modern and minimalist interior. Image: Amber Interiors

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World Blog - styling Minna Jones for Blau

Modern and minimal kitchen. Image: Minna Jones for Blau Interiors

Monochrome Accents | Modern Wall Clock

Adding a few black accents will provide just the right amount of contrast to a classic grey or minimal white interior.

The simplified shape of Newgate’s ‘Echo’ wall clock collection works perfectly with a minimal aesthetic.

Available in a monochrome palette of black, white or grey, this modern clock collection features a clean graphic dial, matt silicone-finish case and flat glass lens. 

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World - Black Wall Clock

Modern Luxe | Contemporary Clock

When limited to well thought-out accents, fixtures or fittings, the warmth of gold or brass will also add an extra dimension to a modern or minimalist scheme.

The gold-finish ‘Oslo’ wall clock is a contemporary clock with a luxe yet minimal aesthetic. A fine marker dial and linear metal hands reduce this minimalist clock down to the barest of essentials, whilst the warm metallic case adds understated glamour to the otherwise sparse design.

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World - Gold Luxe Wall Clock

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World Blog - Image diningandlivingroom

Luxe minimalism. Image: Restoration Hardware

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World blog - Image Penthouse S Westkaai Antwerp Hans Verstuyft Architecten

Minimalist living with heirloom pieces. Image: Penthouse S Westkaai Antwerp, Hans Verstuyft Architecten

Classic Minimalism | Modern Roman Numeral Clock

A minimalist interior doesn’t mean you have to go ultra-modern. The best minimal schemes incorporate cherished pieces with a rich patina of history alongside more modern home accessories to add interest and create balance.

Newgate’s classic yet modern wall clock, the ‘Italian’, fuses traditional design with contemporary materials.

A straight-cut case is coated in a matt-finish silicone, while a clean font gives traditional Roman numerals a contemporary makeover, creating a modern wall clock with a nod to classicism.

Modern & Minimal Clocks - Newgate World - Grey Roman Numeral Wall Clock